Mophie Loves You

I can’t imagine going anywhere without having juice in my phone, and now, my iPad. Last month I went to Disneyworld with my amazing law school friend Jumbaliya*. I joined her family on a multi-hour road trip from Texas to Florida. During this road trip is when I realized that plugs are not available everywhere to power up. Thankfully, Jumbaliya’s dad had an amazing little gadget. A portable battery capable of powering up your iPhone. So I present to you a travel essential, the Mophie Juicepack Powerstation Duo. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? OF COURSE! I will now be able to charge my iPad AND iPhone and the same time. To recharge the Juicepack, you can plug it in to your iPhone/iPad charge and connect it to a wall outlet or by USB to your laptop.

*nickname 🙂






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The Beginning

Today I went to Academy to grab a few essentials before my trip. (8 more days!) I went with the purpose of picking up a hi-lo voltage converter and found the perfect one that also comes with different adapters! I also found a great way to showcase my Texas pride while airport hopping. Texas Luggage Tags. They appear quite sturdy and are ironically made in China.


Bee Tip
China uses 220 volt while most U.S. American appliances use 110 volts. Make sure to buy a converter and adapter so that you don’t risk frying your beloved curling iron. . . Or iPad. . . Or Canon Rebel camera charger

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